Is Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci? Amid the current flurry of ill-informed controversies, let us turn to the science

Can the leaked Louvre book give us the final word on the much-maligned painting that we all need?

Not a Leonardo! Clue to wax bust’s attribution lies inside a sperm whale

New scientific report confirms that wax bust of the goddess Flora—bought by the eminent museum director Wilhelm Bode—dates to after the Renaissance


The NFT craze encapsulates the absurdity of the art world—and its obsession with authenticity

Why would someone buy a non-fungible token of a rainbow-toting cat, which already exists in millions of identical copies?

Constable oil sketch—previously dismissed as fake—goes on sale for £150,000

Sworder's auction house is selling the work, which is one of many by the Romantic painter depicting the area around Dedham Vale where he grew up

Will a ‘Shakespearean tragedy’ find a happy ending in Canada?

After years of research, the only portrait of the playwright possibly painted during his lifetime still hangs in limbo—but perhaps not for long

Nine Van Gogh 'fakes' that have emerged as the real thing

The Oslo self-portrait and other paintings have been authenticated by the artist’s museum

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Artory partners with the Winston Art Group appraisal firm to offer free vetting services

The partnership is the latest collaboration undertaken by the growing blockchain-based art registry to increase “transparency” in the art market

Court case over 'modern forgery' Frans Hals concludes but judgment reserved until summer

Sotheby's James Martin stands by his assertion that the painting is a fake following hours of interrogation challenging the independence of his scientific analysis

Fake no more: poppy painting in US museum is by Van Gogh—and has a surprise under the surface

Still life at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut, is authenticated after decades hidden in storage

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Matisse expert and archivist Wanda de Guebriant has died, aged 69

The only authorised authenticator of the artist’s work started her 40-year career as an assistant to Matisse’s daughter, Marguerite Duthuit

San Francisco’s Van Gogh is the real deal

The still life of fruit and chestnuts, until recently dismissed as a fake, was painted in Paris

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Art authentication is not an exact science

The process of art attribution has come under attack, with forgery scandals rampant

Museum of the Bible says that five of its Dead Sea Scroll fragments are apparently fakes

Tests by German institute show "characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin"


Top experts dispute Italian police claims about seized ‘antiquities’

“I cannot imagine where a terracotta life-size horse head could come from in antiquity,” a specialist says

Piero Manzoni Foundation criticised for destruction of works

Foundation denies allegations that it manipulates the authentication process to inflate the value of its holdings

Race to write Modern art history in the Middle East

Market for 20th-century works from the region will benefit from new technologies and deeper scholarship

Dalí discovery goes on show in New York

The painting was authenticated by Dalí expert Nicolas Descharnes

When it comes to understanding authenticity, listen to the dealers and the market—not the academics

Display of works purportedly by Russian avant-garde artists fails to meet three key criteria

New Vincent van Gogh drawing discovered

Unearthing of Montmartre sketch leads to authentication of second work

Twenty Modiglianis seized by police in Genoa are fake, expert confirms

Works were exhibited at Palazzo Ducale in July when they were confiscated by the authorities

Middle East anti-fake drive triggers refund

Bonhams returns £176,500 for piece attributed to Egyptian sculptor

Tate Modern takes special precautions to make sure its Modiglianis are real in market bedevilled by fakes

New exhibition will look at artist’s early sculpture and include nude from show once shut down for indecency

Long-lost Rodin sculpture turns up in New Jersey town hall

The bust of Napoleon Bonaparte has been authenticated and is due to go on loan to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

PAD Paris loses its vetting committee after opening of 20th anniversary edition this week

The organisation commissioned to examine the works offered at the fair dropped out citing a lack of professionalism and “disrespect” of the experts’ mission


Lawsuit over Cady Noland’s Log Cabin dismissed

But the question remains if the work can still be considered authentic, after the artist allegedly disavowed it

Sotheby’s buys Orion Analytical lab in fight against art fraud

As forgery cases pile up, auction house is also setting up a scientific research department

Mayor Gallery sues over Agnes Martin

Catalogues raisonnés emerge as the latest front in the battle to authenticate works and secure market value


London’s Mayor Gallery files lawsuit against Agnes Martin catalogue raisonné

Authentication committee rejected 13 works owned by gallery clients, effectively rendering them “worthless”, according to court papers

Scholarly debate will be stifled after Knoedler

Abstract Expressionism experts forced to watch what they write and say

Can polar bear hair authenticate contested Pollock painting?

Estate of Jackson Pollock’s mistress builds new case around forensic analysis

Experts question the authenticity of a group of works by Jackson Pollock

Tests suggests pigment used in some of the paintings not commercially available before artist’s death in 1956

Works of art to be tagged with DNA in bid to fight forgeries

Eric Fischl among the artists to support authentication system launched in London this week

Heirs of Brazil’s leading artist at war over estate

The Lygia Clark foundation has temporarily stopped authenticating works by the artist


How to get on with artists, handle mergers and avoid lawsuits

Legal conference tackles issues facing US museums, from commissioning work to developing diversity

Backlash over claim that Egyptian geese were cooked up in 1800s

Museum director and former antiquities minister refute Italian archaeologist’s theory


Unesco warns of fraud as unsanctioned authentication documents circulate

The warning states that certificates of authentication allowing imports of African cultural heritage are being forged


‘Lost Raphael’ surfaces in Spain

The University of Granada says it has found an authentic copy of Raphael’s Madonna of Foligno

Modigliani archive ruling against granddaughter

Nechtschein-Modigliani does retain moral rights over the artist's work, however


Where are the 35 “fake” Warhols later reassessed as authentic?

Richard Dorment, Chief art critic at The Daily Telegraph, discusses the works

AbEx fakes scandal silences the experts, situation “already as bad as it can get” amid lawsuits

In a time of increased importance on authentication, specialists are holding back in the hope of avoiding the worst.

National Institute of Independent Expertise founded to root out fakes in Russian art market

The organisation, the brainchild of coin collector Vladimir Kazakov and The East European Auction house, aims to ensure that the provenance of a piece has been checked via an unbiased system


Lawsuit raises questions about Warhol authentication process

Foundation’s sales agent also worked for authentication board; president rejects claim decisions may have been made for financial gain

What now for the £45 Da Vinci: Salvator Mundi is still up for grabs as Dallas fails to buy

Dallas museum could not raise $100m to buy the authenticated Leonardo, until recently believed to be a mediocre copy

Not a Bacon, expert tells court: The debate around Bacon's drawings continues

The chairman of the artist’s catalogue raisonné committee dismisses controversial drawings as “pastiches” in UK bankruptcy hearing


Raphaels discovered in Haarlem Teylers Museum

The head curator recently reattributed the works to the artist


Polish-born collector Zdzislaw Bieganski to found museum in Malta

Works include Picasso and Van Gogh, but many are yet to be authenticated

Scholars absent from State Hermitage Museum conference with controversial Degas bronzes on the agenda

Experts have been silenced by fears of legal action if doubts regarding the sculptures' legitimacy are voiced

Modigliani catalogue raisonné still years away

Competing claims and potential conflicts of interests delay publication, originally scheduled for 2006

2009 Calder case: A court of law is no place to authenticate art

The case set a legal precedent about the legal duty of authenticating bodies

Controversial Bacon drawings displayed in London

The works were set to be displayed at a now cancelled authentication debate

Dealer uses intimidation tactics at Parisian Giacometti foundation in mission to recover forged lamps

Policy decrees that works determined to be fake must be handed over to the authorities so that they cannot re-enter the market

Park West sued again

They deny selling fake Dalí works

Courtauld's Bacon debate on disputed drawings axed

Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino's collection of drawings has been a hot topic in the art world


The problem with authenticating Warhol

While some fear the negative effects of the closure of the vetting board, others say its role was not essential

Pushkin accused of displaying a fake

Growing concerns over authenticity of Modigliani portrait on show in Moscow museum


Case against Warhol Foundation withdrawn

Joe Simon-Whelan spent three years trying to prove authenticity of a painting depicting the artist himself

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Joe Simon-Whelan's Warhol authenticity claim over

Simon-Whelan says he lacks the financial resources to pursue his case