The Art Newspaper's 300th issue—from big scoops to influential campaigns

Plus: the best letters and the art market then and now


Founded in 1990, The Art Newspaper quickly established itself as the journal of record for the international art world. Since then, its reputation and influence has grown consistently, with sister newspapers published in Turin, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, and with a network of 50 specialist reporters in 30 countries around the globe. Last month saw the launch of our sister publication, The Art Newspaper France, appearing in digital format and called The Art Newspaper Daily.

In this special 300th edition, our editors and reporters look back through past issues to pick out memorable correspondence, as well as reflecting on the "then and now", drawing on the bank of knowledge and insider insight that The Art Newspaper has accumulated over nearly 30 years.

Alison Cole, editor

The Art Newspaper covers The Art Newspaper

"Issue one came out in less degraded times: more varied, more idealistic, less puffed up by PR machines"

Anna Somers Cocks, founding editor and chairman, looks back

The art of letter writing Voronin76

Letters of note: featuring Zaha Hadid, Picasso's biographer, a prison warden from the US and many more

Selected correspondence from down the years

The first issue of The Art Newspaper The Art Newspaper

From the archives: take a look at six of the best front pages published by The Art Newspaper

Stop the press!

The House of Dreams, from the Manas (Utopian City) series of drawings (2007) Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Win The House of Dreams, an original silkscreen print by Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Here's how to enter

Damien Hirst cover story in 2008 The Art Newspaper

Then & Now: boom, bust and the rebirth of Damien Hirst

How The Art Newspaper has covered the artist's bullish decadence

A dress that belonged to the emperor's wife Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Then & Now: the V&A and Queen Woyzaro Terunesh's wedding dress

The story behind the garment

The first issue of The Art Newspaper The Art Newspaper

Then & Now: "Modern art is destroying itself," warned our first issue

Museums have since devoted sizeable resources

Lauro Maio of Benevento Cathedral with the missal in 2010 Martin Bailey

Then & Now: how The Art Newspaper shaped UK restitution law

Featuring a 900-year-old missal looted during the Second World War


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