Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor mirror sells at Art Basel

Kapoor speaks of his fascination with reflective surfaces and how they interact with their environment

Anish Kapoor’s public art project Sky Mirror V (2004-07, below), the latest in the UK artist’s series of big and bold looking-glasses, has already been bagged by a major Spanish private collector through Lisson Gallery which is selling the work for “upwards of £1m”. Kapoor told The Art Newspaper: “I am interested by objects that are not as they first appear to be. The highly reflective stainless steel changes according to the light, and can camouflage itself, becoming a virtual ‘non-object’.” Another 35-foot piece from the “Sky Mirror” series bowled over New Yorkers last year when it was shown at the Fifth Avenue entrance to the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center. “A limited number of other small mirror works are in major private collections,” said a spokesman for Lisson Gallery. Has art world vanity reached new heights we wonder?

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper Art Basel Daily as 'Holding a mirror up to Art Basel'

Appeared in Art Basel in Basel, June 2007