Alberto Giacometti

Eighteen Giacometti pieces from his wife’s estate to be sold by auctioneer Jacques Tajan

Sculptural ensemble "La clairière" is a standout, expected to reach up to 6 million francs

On 11 July auctioneer Jacques Tajan will be offering eighteen works by Giacometti, consigned for sale from the estate of the artist’s wife Annette Arm who died last year. Around FFr30 million (£3.5 million; $5.3 million) is expected for the fourteen sculptures and four pictures. The major piece is a sculptural ensemble, “La clairière” of 1950, a group of nine figures walking on the spot, estimate FFr6 million. “Lothar II” is a single figure gazing ahead with a fixed regard (estimate FFr1.5 million). The artist’s family in the form of his brother Diego and his wife are represented by three portrait bronzes, while the paintings are “Caroline à la robe rouge” of 1965, “Yanaihara”, “Nu debout” and “Portrait de Pierre Josse”.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Eighteen Giacomettis from his wife’s estate'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 39 June 1994