James Casebere

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Lisson Gallery

In his fourth solo exhibition at the Lisson, James Casebere shows three series of his minute “sites”, which exist at the intersection of architecture, photography and sculpture (12 November-20 December). Casebere constructs tabletop models of interior spaces in plaster, styrofoam and cardboard. He then photographs them under specially devised lighting. Finally his large-format transparencies are further enlarged using high definition Cibachrome. This exhibition includes three types of models, each in a different style. “International”, inspired by the architecture of Richard Neutra and Victor Horta, creates a rather basic “modern” style, hinting at globalisation. “Neo-Classical” (after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello) depicts flooded interiors with reflected light and shadow, or elegant, colonial chaos (right, “Siena”, 2003). “Traditional and ancient” displays Oriental and Western European sites. All resonate on socio-political and theological levels, depicting spirituality and tradition in danger, decline or disrepair. Small, medium and large C-prints on aluminum, editions of 5.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'James Casebere, Lisson Gallery'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 141 November 2003