Richard Wright

What's on: Richard Wright

Gagosian Gallery

Reticent, rigorous and often exquisitely beautiful, the emphatically site-specific wall paintings of Glasgow-based Richard Wright are a welcome addition to the Gagosian Gallery’s stable (10 September-26 October). As Wright works directly in situ and likens his technique to the improvisations of a jazz musician, there is no knowing what he will make of Gagosian’s ground floor Heddon Street space—his vocabulary can range from medieval illuminations to consumer packaging, or from tattoos and the patterns on bikers’ jackets to Constructivist geometry (above, his installation at Tate Liverpool, November 2001-March 2002). He also makes sure that his work enters into a direct dialogue with the architectural quirks around it; so Gagosian’s fat pillars will pose an interesting challenge. One thing is for certain: at the end of the show the work will be painted over, with any purchases working on a commission basis and the artist’s response to the buyer’s environment.

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 128 September 2002