Aldo Scardinelli


A picture book of avant-garde gardens and gardening

Not a guide nor a history, but a collection of unusual gardens and their makers

A collection of Romantic 19th-century German illustrations

Book looks at narrative cycles by Edward von Steinle and Leopold Bode

Postcards as art and the art of the postcard

Book looks at British Museum’s contemporary artists' postcards from 1960 to the present

A book on birth and child-rearing before Dr Spock

The history—in images and works of decorative art—of giving birth and raising children before 1900

Dead kings and queens and where to find them

A dictionary of the burial places of the English and Scottish kings and queens (and their relations)


A hefty tome on the arts of the Austro-Hungarian belle époque

The extraordinary mitteleuropäische flourishing of all the arts from 1900 to 1914


Wish you were here: revolutionary postcards in Imperial Russia

Book collects pictorially subversive propaganda in a populist medium


The extraordinary cultural energy of 18th-century Venice

Art, music and architecture flourished in the Republic for the last time


Frida Kahlo's letters conceal nothing and reveal nothing

Kahlo’s communications with her mother are unsurprisingly banal


How to try to understand Jusepe de Ribera's many scenes of violence

The Spanish artist’s extraordinary paintings of tortured bodies and tormented souls


The architectural and imaginative influence of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock in Western building styles

This book accounts for building histories, designs and geographical spread of church inspired by the Jerusalem prototypes


Southeast Asian illuminated manuscripts

Book looks at Thai and Burmese historic texts from the British Library


First book on art collection of the draughtsman and cult figure Edward Gorey

Gorey inexplicably left his collection to the Wadsworth Atheneum


Philippe Costamagna’s combination of autobiography, anecdote and single discovery told in his own words

The memoirs of the Pontormo expert and director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Ajaccio


Renaissance prints as sources of images for maiolica and bronze reliefs

The interactions of Renaissance drawing, printing and ceramics


The influence of Klimt in Central European art after the First World War

The adaptations and expansions of the Austrian painter in the nations of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire


What books in paintings mean

The significance of books in works of art