Edek Osser

Walk through the 2,000-year-old Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome's first emperor

The circular tomb—used through history as a fortress, a sculpture garden and an entertainment venue—reopens as a museum after an €11m restoration

Pompeii will have 'regular maintenance at last'

Massimo Osanna, the man leading the ancient city's restoration, has turned the site around—but there is still work to do

Eleventh-hour deadline extension saves Pompeii’s huge rescue project

Despite earlier threats to withdraw vital European funding, officials are expected to extend deadline to finance work in 2016 and 2017

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Looted tombstone from Jiroft returned to Iran following its seizure by London police

After the tomb was discovered, Iran's Ministry of Culture were unable to prevent civilians from systematically emptying them of artefacts, which were then shipped overseas


London and Paris markets flooded with Iranian antiquities looted from newly discovered site at Jiroft

Before police intervened, thousands of objects were plundered by locals and sold on to Europe