Giles Waterfield


Sir Peter Moores, the contradictory character of a generous patron of the arts

He resembled such plutocratic founders of museums as J. Paul Getty in hating overspending. He distrusted dealers: auctions revealed the true price

The strange and illogical development of England's national art museums

As the Tate and National Gallery consider the limits of their collections, Giles Waterfield on the latest in a 200-year wrangle between institutions <br>

The big hole in Britain’s National Gallery: Bring back the Victorians

The omission of paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood could be rectified by judicious loans


Sotheby's James Stourton glazes over the more cut-throat tendencies of private collectors in new book

This account by the UK chairman of Sotheby’s is enthusiastic but superficial

Madame de Pompadour meets Philippe Starck at the Rijksmuseum

With a very glamorous display, this is the first serious look at Netherlandish rococo architecture and decorative arts

Should the new Holocaust gallery be a permanent feature of this museum?

The Imperial War Museum's exhibition is intended as a reminder of past evil

Colonial Williamsburg: Authentic, fake or 1920s dreamland?

Giles Waterfield, former director of the Dulwich Picture Gallery, looks at how the Colonial Willamsburg Foundation tackles the problems of shifting historical perspectives

A whole new neighbourhood of art: Tate Modern invigorates the South Bank

Giles Waterfield, former director of the Dulwich Picture Gallery, looks at this witty and non-judgemental enterprise, one of many visual art developments already around the future Tate Gallery of Modern Art

Tartan triumphs as the expanded Museum of Scotland opens

The museum recounts the development of the nation with technically elaborate displays