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A British team has just completed eight years of survey and excavation in Sparta, Greece

The British School at Athens managed to obtain coveted permission to excavate

Harnessing the tourist industry to help Mediterranean historical sites

The Getty's floating conference on the conservation of archaeological sites.


Oxford’s new Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art advocates for history by other means.

Bert Smith calls for scholars with broader interests who publish their material.

Lords Rothschild and Sainsbury of Preston Candover act to protect Butrint

The British School at Rome and the Tirana Institute of Archaeology are excavating Albania’s most important site.


London museums find individuals are still more generous than corporations

One spectacular example is the Hotung Gallery in the British Museum, funded through £2 million from the Hong Kong businessman Joseph Hotung

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First exhibition of pre-Raphaelite sculpture

The response to the first critical study of this subject has been enthusiastic

Werner Spies on Ernst as the inventor of the Surrealist universe

Spies, art critic and friend of the Surrealist, talks about his exhibition opening this month at the Tate Gallery

Nazi 'degenerate art' show to be reconstructed in LA

An irony that the American art world will enjoy after the Mapplethorpe censorship row: the N.E.A. is sponsoring a partial replay of the Nazi “Entartete Kunst” exhibition of 1937