James Malpas


Books: American art from Norsemen to Culture Wars

A well-written history of art in North America for students


Warhol's lesser-known work

Wayne Koestenbaum's new book looks at Warhol's films


New in Books: High culture and no clothing

Nudes with Phaidon and Tate, painted ladies with HarperCollins and the National Portrait Gallery going abroad with Thames & Hudson, Ashgate, Lawrence King, the British Museum and Cambridge University Press

Books: Adam classicism to Tinseltown Rococo

Something for everyone: “animalcules”, Baltic art, the Cecils, CD-Roms, Cézanne, Chinese furniture, Clement Greenberg decadence, Holbein, Japanese design, Kahn, Leonardo, Millais, Modernism, Palladio, Tiffany silver, terracotta sculpture


Recent publications from Thames & Hudson and more

Good value and good quality with Thames & Hudson, and Tate Publications launch a raft of titles in connection with the new museums

Current exhibitions and publications on Turner: No stone left unturned

As the exhibition on Ruskin’s championship of Turner opens at the Tate, this crop of catalogues returns a timely harvest of Turner scholarship


Books: Modernism behind the Iron Curtain and in wartime Paris

The progress of Modernism in the Communist States and the response of the French Avant-garde to World War I are examined in these two books

Books: Shame, shyness and self-obsession in new Dalí monograph

Ian Gibson on Surrealism as an escape and the façade of eccentricity


Books: Small revelations only on lives of Duchamp, Johns, and Bacon

The recent biographies of these art-world giants promise much but aside from anecdotes little is shown of the subjects’ inner lives