Joachim Whaley


Master of the putti: instructive book explores Albrecht Dürer's obsession with the little cherubs

Survey including 91 illustrations shows how the artist used the winged gods prolifically in his work

The whole world in wood and copper

Prints were the main source of visual (mis)information for three centuries

Did he influence Dürer or Dürer him? On Jacopo de’ Barbari

As an artist, Jacopo de’ Barbari became almost invisible


Kissin’ and collectin’ cousins

How one branch of a German noble family married into every European royal family and acquired spectacular works of art


Deutschland über alles? On the early Renaissance art market

Contrary to popular opinion, the Early Renaissance German art market developed simultaneously with, not later than, those in Italy and the Low Countries


The Hessian Minerva: on the collector Karoline Luise of Baden

Two appreciations of the remarkable 18th-century artist and collector


Barbie and Ken in the Enlightenment: Joachim Whaley on 18th-century dolls

The extraordinary dolls’ town made by a Thuringian duchess


Painting the Reformation: the Cranachs celebrated

Six books reveal the multifaceted output of the elder and younger Cranach in Thuringia

How the Cranachs made Luther unmistakable: Joachim Whaley on the Luther Decade

Part two of a series on Luther’s favourite painter and publicist

Luther, Cranach and political propaganda: Joachim Whaley on the Luther Decade

Part three of a series on Luther’s favourite painter and publicist

Duke Anton Ulrich of Brunswick: one of Europe's greatest collectors

His outstanding collection secured his legacy, says Joachim Whaley


Portrait of Prince Nicholas II Esterházy as an avid collector, a bankrupt, and a womaniser

The Prince's passions cost him his fortune but gave Hungary a fine collection of art