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What's On in Paris: Marthe Wery's indoor infrastructure, Giacometti's drawings and John Coplans's images of anatomy

Also, Di Meo houses Jean-François Briant's agricultural symbols and Vidal-Saint Phalle partners with Saint-Etienne's Museum of Modern Art for Vincent Bioules show


State reforms of French archaeology imminent

Mass resignations spur Minister to action.

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What's On in Paris: Connecticut art as an export and Warhol's preliminary shots

Also, a exhibitors unite for show entitled "Art spoken here" and sculptor Ronald Jones's debut exhibition in France


Interview with Germain Viatte: “We have come a long way”

The new Director of France’s National Museum of Modern Art gives his first interview

Art lawarchive

Is the French art market subject to enough regulation?

A recent symposium at the Crédit Municipal examined ways in which the market could be improved

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What's on in Paris: From Artcurial to Zerou

Including Tinguely’s farewell “Collaboration” at Galérie Beaubourg


Interview with Jacques Derrida: The Philosopher sees (or doesn’t see)

Discussing “Memories of a blind man – the self-portrait and other ruins” and his choice of drawings for the exhibition in the Hall Napoleon of the Louvre, from 26 October until 21 January 1991