Martin Angioni


Interview with Marcia Tucker on building a truly contemporary museum: “Process, not product”

Marcia Tucker, the founding director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, reviews her work of the past twenty-two years

Bill Gates and Mark Getty aim to corner the stock photography market

The new information technology has transformed traditional picture research


A Berlin homecoming: Interview with collector Heinz Berggruen on his collection's new home

After leaving Berlin in 1937, Berggruen will be placing his collection - which will go on show this autumn - on a ten-year loan with the Berlin State Museums

“This is Soviet-style imperialism”: Interview with Director-General of Berlin Museums, Wolf-Dieter Dube

Dube reacts angrily to Russian delays over restitution and responds to the opposition of Irina Antonova, veteran director of the Pushkin Museum