Matthew Wilcox

London exhibition examines 'tragic absurdity' at the Korean border

Group show at Korean Cultural Centre UK combines photography, installations and archival material to explore one of the world's most heavily militarised zones

Scattered over 12 islands, Japan’s Setouchi Triennale offers poignant reflections of local life by the sea

Triennial features more than 200 sculptures and installations scattered across a dozen islands in the region

Unfinished quarters of a Bavarian palace create a striking backdrop for contemporary art

Imaginatively curated, the fourth edition of the Königsklasse exhibition is as monumental as the Herrenchiemsee Palace in which it is installed

Manifesta 12 makes the most of Palermo's botanical backdrop

Explorations of migration, slavery, memory and decay flourish in nomadic biennial’s botanic garden setting

Gutai’s spectacular rise—and potential fall

After a show in Venice and sales in Paris a decade ago, US collectors started to take the post-war Japanese movement seriously and demand soared—but have prices peaked?

Will China’s art market go the way of Japan’s?

Despite some similarities between the two, a broader collector base and stronger political will should help China ride out its storm