Stefano Miliani

Alinari, world’s oldest photography agency, faces crisis

As Fratelli Alinari vacates its Italian headquarters, there are hopes that Tuscan government will rescue the historic collection

Italian prosecutor claims Medieval missal in Morgan Library was stolen from parish church

Official argues that its return could help boost tourism in an area that has suffered economically from earthquake damage

Nancy Kenney. , with additional reporting by Stefano Miliani

Call for Italy’s quake-stricken works to return home for treatment

Mayors demand that salvaged works of art be restored locally

Heritage sites damaged as more earthquakes hit Italy

Disaster comes two months after 6.2-magnitude tremor destroyed town of Amatrice, killing 295 people

Cultural taskforce comes to the aid of quake-stricken Amatrice

Architect Renzo Piano urges Italian government to rebuild everything “as and where it was” and not to repeat the mistakes of L’Aquila