Theodore K. Rabb


Reputations redeemed by art: two books examine what made Charles I and II great collectors but bad rulers

Despite the failings of the Stuart kings, their art collections stand in their favour, as exhibitions in the UK this year have shown


Telling us why and how: a groundbreaking study of Veronese’s techniques and paintings

These two books—very different in approach—analyse the process and works of the Italian Renaissance painter

The comprehensive corpus on Peter Paul Rubens

Two new titles are added to the peerless catalogue of Rubens’s work

A hard act to follow: on Caravaggio's followers

A group of books looks at the artists Caravaggio influenced—more or less


Atmosphere, thought and feeling: on Giorgione and his contemporaries

The mastery of his art and that of his Venetian contemporaries


The powerful presence of Rubens in every age

Theodore K. Rabb looks at the Flemish artist’s “legacy” over nearly four centuries

The mysteries of Leonardo: A review of the National Gallery's new exhibition on the master

An exhibition catalogue that is erudite, sound and elegant—but for scholars, not the general reader


Books: Saviour of the Habsburgs, richly rewarded

Soldier and collector Prince Eugene of Savoy’s role in the rise of the Austro-Hungarian empire