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A golden opportunity in Times Square ends today

TimesSquare Portal Courtesy of Ian Douglas for Times Square Arts

Today (21 November) is the last chance to stop by the TimesSquare_Portal project, a golden shipping container that connects visitors in New York’s busiest public space with people around the world, using advanced video chat software. During its seven-week-long run, the portable communications hub has linked up to cities in the US as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Myanmar. Portals was created to foster one-on-one conversations across distances and different cultures, says the project’s founder and creative director Amar Bakshi. During a visit in October, The Art Newspaper spoke with a group of children from the Harsham Refugee Camp in Erbil, Iraq about some of their favourite activities—playing football—and foods—shawarma and barbeque. The project is always travelling, and there are plans to launch a Portal in a repurposed school bus in February, so keep an eye on the organiser’s website for future stops.