Cultural exchange

France to send creatives on the ultimate American road trip

The country’s Foreign Ministry is launching an innovative cultural residency that will exist beyond any walls

Artists criticise Palais de Tokyo partnership with Qatari museum over LGBTQ rights

Mathaf's guest show at Paris contemporary art centre marks Qatar-France 2020 Year of Culture


Why museum partnerships between China and the West are booming

Cultural institutions have embraced mutual benefits of collaboration, despite challenges of communication and censorship

Russia, Germany and France join forces for 'incomparable' travelling show of contemporary European art

Exhibition showing "unique slice" of art from Europe will coincide with the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War

What is art for? Why, to help sell arms, silly!

October saw full deployment of culture in Russian and French political and commercial diplomacy with Saudi Arabia

Louvre secures key Italian loans for Leonardo retrospective

The Vitruvian Man—normally only shown for a few weeks every six years—will travel from Venice’s Gallerie dell'Accademia to Paris

Is an art Cold War thaw coming? US and Russian museum leaders and diplomats to discuss loan freeze

Public conversation to be held in February will address long impasse on museum loans


Cultural 'matrimony' could resolve heritage disputes

We need to rethink our perceptions of an artist or an artefact as having a single, unified or homogenous heritage

Tate’s most popular ever exhibition not staged in UK—but in China

Visitor numbers at Shanghai Museum eclipse institution’s most successful London exhibitions

What to see in Condo New York

The American edition of the international gallery exchange programme brings exhibitors from Cairo, Tokyo and Kolkata

The art world reacts to US Supreme Court’s travel ban decision

Early signs of the order’s impact on cultural exchange have artists and curators concerned

São Paulo museum wins court fight against Brazilian airport’s steep cargo fees on Tate Modern loans

The ministries of culture and transportation are now setting up a commission to create clear guidelines for objects coming into the country for cultural events

Met hosts international directors for the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium

The event, launched in 2014, is a unique experience freed from “stage-managed dialogue”, its moderator says

British Museum sends treasures to Mumbai for grand exhibition of Indian history

Encyclopaedic show was inspired by former director Neil MacGregor's A History of the World in 100 Objects

Largest survey of Qatari contemporary art to open in Berlin despite ongoing blockade

Exhibition is final event in Year of Culture partnership between Qatar and Germany

Audrey Azoulay, former French culture minister, to be Unesco’s next director-general

In a surprise election, the dark-horse candidate won the vote of the culture agency’s executive board

MCA Chicago goes global

A new initiative aims to “embed within the DNA of the museum” a more international view of the art historical canon

Now is the time for an Italian-American museum exchange programme

With Italy’s historic reform of its museums’ leadership at risk in the courts, what we need is a more collaboration not less

Greek artists get a share of the spotlight at Documenta 14 in Kassel

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens will send part of its collection to Germany for the international exhibition

We are all made of stars: a Moroccan artist’s search for a familiar symbol in the US

Part 1, from the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis to the Mississippi cotton fields

Paris blockbuster exhibition of Shchukin’s Modern art collection extended

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally thanked Bernard Arnault at the Kremlin for hosting the show

London foundation Calvert 22 partners with Hermitage to mark 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution

Year-long programme to culminate in the UK’s first exhibition of work by the Moscow conceptualist Dmitri Prigov

Bill protecting works of art lent by foreign institutions passes US Senate

Supporters say legislation will encourage cultural exchange, but opponents fear it will block restitution of works seized in countries like Russia

Works from Beijing’s Palace Museum to travel to Berlin

An international deal signed by museum directors will bring Ming and Qing Dynasty portraits to Germany next year

‘If we don’t work together, we will see very dark times,’ says outgoing V&A director Martin Roth

American and Chinese museum leaders gather in New York to discuss international co-operation

Berlin’s museums use culture as a means of integration for refugees

In the Multaka project, refugees lead guided museum tours for others displaced from Syria and Iraq

Miami museum hosts two-day symposium on Cuban art

The event put artists from the island country in dialogue with their Florida colleagues

Hermitage to strengthen cultural ties with Iran

St Petersburg museum director pledges closer relationship as countries develop tourism links

Louvre inks historic deal with Iran to cooperate on archaeological digs, exhibitions and exchanges

A French team could return to sites like Susa, where the museum uncovered the Code of Hammurabi


Despite the war of words, UK-Russia shows go ahead

But some exhibitions have been cancelled as political stand-off continues

Nicholas Serota discusses an international outlook and Tate’s new worldwide web

Developing a global reach is just as important for major cultural institutions as it is for big businesses

“The Philippines: Archipelago of Exchange” stages the largest exhibition of indigenous Filipino art ever seen in Europe

The exhibition of pre-colonial art aims to convey an underlying notion of exchange, in all senses of the word


Oriental origins of Italian Renaissance art

How Islamic decorative arts influenced 15th- and 16th-century Western artists

Moral guidelines for archaeology

New rules and guidelines for archaeologists around the world.

Senator presents bill in Parliament to liberalise circulation of Italian archaeological items

The proposal is greeted by suspicion and political posturing within the Italian art and archaeology world and even the Ministry of Culture.