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Andrew Kuo’s life in numbers

The artist Andrew Kuo is known both for his paintings and his New York Times charts that graph the data that comprises his life by assigning them lines and colours—for example, Watching TV on 3/23/13 (2013). The results look like a self-loathing work by Peter Halley. On 8 December, he opened a show of new work at Marlborough Chelsea, No To Self (until January 14), that debuted a more subdued palate and subject matter. Clues 9/23/16, for example, charts “things that always change”, “that I need to hear” and “that don’t help.” “I just realise I’m wrong more,” he said of the new works, adding: “This show is a lot about trying to find out why that happened, if it’s a biological thing... I don’t think I’m getting smarter, more things just go into your head with time.” And your schedule, it seems. His phenomenal Instagram feed with 170,000 followers, @earlboykins (so named because he is the same height as the diminutive NBA player), used to offer new pet photos every few hours. The scaling back of posts, however, is less because he’s getting old and more because he’s dedicating time to fantasy sports.