Banksy has been busy while working from home

Banksy's iconic rat wastes precious loo roll. Banksy/ Instagram

Banksy may be known for making work outdoors and in public spaces but, like the rest of us, the street artist is (where else but) home lately due to coronavirus (Covid-19). Unable to get outside, it appears he has turned to creating new work in his own environs. In a series of photos posted to Instagram, the artist shows his bathroom seemingly wrecked by a series of rats—painted in the artist’s signature style—who have all run amok. One rodent is tallying days spent in lockdown in lipstick on the wall, while others squeeze toothpaste from a tube, urinate on the toilet and unfurl precious loo roll, among other antics. It appears that neither Banksy nor his subjects are immune to cabin fever.

Due to the often illicit nature of his work, the artist typically uses the social media platform to authenticate his pieces, an effort which has garnered him some 7.6 million followers. And while it is typically up to city officials whether or not one of Banksy’s illegal interventions should stay or go, according to the photo caption, it seems that the longevity of this work will be determined by the artist’s wife.

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. . My wife hates it when I work from home.

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