Personal stories of coronavirus

Colourist painter and Royal Academician Philip Sutton opens new gallery—at the age of 92

Artist—who is now blind in one eye and lives in a sheltered care home—is launching a space in Bridport, England, to sell his own works

I finally went to see some art—and caught Covid-19

A trip to the National Gallery was eerie and alien—although a newly restored Van Dyck painting briefly shook off my anxiety

‘It's the end of civilisation’: Alexis Rockman on his new watercolour series created during lockdown

The paintings depict animals shipwrecked by the networks of capitalism grinding ecosystems to a nub, the artist says

Lyle Ashton Harris revisits archival images of black joy and resistance amid lockdown

The Bronx-born artist says isolation has allowed the US a valuable opportunity "to be confronted with trauma so deep that it moves us from theory to action"

See how artists have been handling the pandemic in Hirshhorn Artist Diaries series

Howardena Pindell, Arlene Shechet, Eric Gottesman, and Marina Abramovic reflect on what it is like to work in isolation as part of a “living archive” of videos commissioned by the museum, and shared exclusively with The Art Newspaper

Why I made a mountain of fortune cookies in my little London flat during lockdown—all in the name of art

Biscuit sculptures have sprung up worldwide as part of a global initiative to celebrate the late artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres

After years of sanctions and political upheaval, the pandemic is a new hurdle for the fragile Iranian art scene

Pejman Foundation in Tehran opened a museum at the start of this year only for it to close soon after as coronavirus struck

Chicago artist Nick Cave has found a way to keep performing during quarantine

In a new video series called Cultural Stimulus, the artist aims to share “sparks of happiness” with a public sheltering at home

Tara Rynders turns dance into a wellness tool for healthcare workers overwhelmed by coronavirus

After her performance in a New York City hospital was delayed due to the pandemic, Rynders started working full-time as a nurse specialist at a medical centre

Shaun Leonardo pushes for prison reform as coronavirus devastates New York's infamous Rikers Island jail

After his performance based on prisoners' experiences was delayed due to the pandemic, Leonardo pivoted his practice to support inmate release programmes


Greetings from a museum leaving lockdown: lessons from Beijing's UCCA Center for Contemporary Art

Philip Tinari, the director and CEO of the Chinese museum, shares what the institution has learned during closure and its future plans

'We are all Surrealists now': how life with Leonora Carrington prepared me for coronavirus lockdown

Joanna Moorhead, the biographer and relative of the rediscovered Surrealist woman artist, talks about learning to adventure creatively from the confines of home

Art students continue to demand tuition reimbursement even as universities refuse

Following coronavirus class suspensions, Boston University MFA candidates press the school's president for action while a survey of SCAD students finds that 97% deem their online classes insufficient

Photographers are capturing the stark mood of major cities amid the coronavirus pandemic

As many self-employed photographers face work losses due to Covid-19, others document the "seriousness of what is happening on a personal and community level"

‘It’s almost like science fiction’: artists share their experiences with the coronavirus

We spoke with artists in the US and Europe about how Covid-19 has so far affected them and their work, from cancelled exhibitions to concerns about the future

Personal stories of coronavirus: the widow who opened her husband's exhibition for a day

Diana Cohen, the 90-year-old wife of the late painter Alfred Cohen, travelled to London for the opening of the first show of his work in 20 years. Years in the making, it opened and closed within a few hours