Bedwyr Williams’s bespectacled art bods appear on Pocket Tube map

Morden (2019), Bedwyr Williams (Pocket Tube map) courtesy Art on the Underground

It is Christmas so it must be time for a new artist-designed London underground map, which comes courtesy this winter of the Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams. The cover of the 31st Pocket Tube map, available at underground stations across the capital, is emblazoned with two bespectacled figures sporting fashionable haircuts. The crew cuts and glasses give the man and woman depicted an intellectual air (perhaps these brainy bods are curators) while the intersecting blue and red lines bring to mind Brexit turbulence. The title of the tube map drawing, Morden, takes us to the end of the line both literally—the aforementioned is the last stop on the Northern line—and also in a metaphorical sense: what will happen to the UK in 2020 post Brexit? Bedwyr Williams says: “I remember getting my first ever travel card at Tooting Bec station in the early nineties and how travelling on the tube to college heralded this period of observation for me as a shy gangly kid from quiet North Wales.” Art on the Underground’s other projects this year include the first UK commissions by Aliza Nisenbaum and Denzil Forrester at Brixton station, and a major commission from Laure Prouvost across all 270 London Underground stations.