Centre Pompidou launches Prisme7 video game on lockdown

Prisme7 courtesy Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris is getting down with the kids with the launch of its first video game Prisme7 later this week, according to our sister newspaper The Art Newspaper France. The new game, co-produced with the digital agencies Bright and the Game in Society, comprises “six different universes for exploring virtual spaces and discovering 40 works of art drawn from the collection of the Musée National d’art modern [housed at the Centre Pompidou].” Gamers can access up close works by Xavier Veilhan, Andy Warhol and Piet Mondrian. Abdel Bounane of Bright says: “The video game is one of the most contemporary art forms in our culture, but paradoxically no game up to now has presented an artistic experience immersed in Modern and contemporary art.” The game, which will also enable players to access related podcasts and educational components, will be free to access on mobiles and computers. Earlier this month, the Centre Pompidou president Serge Lasvignes hinted that the Beaubourg gallery would go hi-tech, stressing that the centre remains very active on social media networks.