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Colour me in: Michael Craig-Martin’s tribute to healthcare workers worldwide

Michael Craig-Martin's new poster

When asked by the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine programme earlier this month to produce a poster in support of the UK’s National Health Service, Michael Craig-Martin created a design featuring the gerbera or African daisy, which could be coloured in and then displayed in people’s homes. “Flowers seem appropriate in our present challenging circumstances,” he said at the time.

Now, he has made an international version using the same crisply outlined flowers to thank frontline healthcare workers around the world. The design can be downloaded (in colour or black-and-white), customised and shared in windows or shared digitally. “People everywhere have been deeply moved by the selfless efforts and remarkable courage of their health workers—doctors and nurses, paramedics, ambulance teams, porters and cleaners—who are risking and, too often, losing their lives to help save ours,” he says. “This collaborative poster is intended to act as a small gesture of our profound gratitude.”

Anyone especially proud of their coloured in versions can post them on Instagram using the hashtag #GagosianChallenge by 11 May and Craig-Martin will select his favourites to repost on Gagosian gallery’s Instagram.