Dan about town

Daddy issues

Just when you thought the US presidential election’s horrible sexual undercurrents were all reserved for women: on 8 October, conservative agitator and photographer Lucian Wintrich opened a show at a pop-up space in Manhattan titled Daddy Will Save Us. The bulk of the works are in Wintrich’s Twinks for Trump series and feature hairless young men posing with symbols of Republicanism. Think Ryan McGinley but without any sense of balance, colour depth, technical acuity, texture, lighting, warmth, joie de vivre, basic humanity and sexiness, and add Make America Great Again hats.

The show was originally scheduled to take place in Williamsburg’s the Boiler until the gallery cancelled the show, when it realised the organisers were serious. Other pieces included paintings of George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr in pro-Trump hats and Emotional First Aid Kits by conservative prankster James O'Keefe, a perhaps wry commentary on supposed political correctness on college campuses but honestly, who the hell knows.