In the frame

Dogs are having their day in New York

Will Kurtz with his "dogs"

The pint-sized First World War veteran Sergeant Stubby—a decorated Bull Terrier mix who protected his regiment on the Western Front from mustard gas attacks, and found and comforted wounded US soldiers—will be immortalised in bronze this week (23 May) at the AKC Museum of the Dog with the permanent installation of Susan Bahary’s life-sized statue, Stubby Salutes. Meanwhile, more good dogs are waiting to meet you at Hudson Yards’s newly-opened Avant Gallery in the exhibition Every Dog Has Its Day, which comprises a series of life-sized, figurative newspaper sculptures by the artist Will Kurtz, all modelled after rescue dogs currently up for adoption at the Humane Society of New York. The works, first shown at the Art New York fair this month, depict the canines frozen within an installation of stacked kennels to underscore the hardships abandoned animals face before finding their forever homes. Each weekend until the show closes on 28 June, Kurtz will create new dogs based on rescues live in front of visitors, with a portion of proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the Humane Society. The artist hopes that the show will inspire more people to adopt.