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Imagine that: Yoko is not the only arty Ono

Setsuko Ono's Amaterasu, Sun Goddess (2017) Chan Chao

Contemporary artist Yoko Ono is a household name, but who knew that John Lennon’s widow has an arty sister, too? Tokyo-born Setsuko Ono is showing sculptures and paintings at two venues in London: the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (16 February-9 March) and Asia House (13-23 March). Her sculptures are created from welded sheets of steel, which are “cut out and bent to reveal silhouettes and open spaces, much like Matisse’s cut-outs”, the organisers say. Lennon saw her work and “encouraged her to pursue her deep passion for art”, and after working at the World Bank for 28 years, Setsuko finally took up art full-time, staging her first show at the Havana Biennial in 2003.