Dan about town

Jeff and Julian reminisce


The first time Julian Schnabel brought Jeff Koons to Max’s Kansas City, a regular asked Koons what he did for a living. “I present the new,” he responded. Schnabel had to stop them from beating him up. This and other anecdotes were revealed during a lively discussion with New York Times writer Randy Kennedy at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center on 6 March, ahead of the opening of a show of Schnabel’s new show at Pace. The two reminisced about the days when Koons would stash his furniture in a closet when people came over so that only his art was on display. Back then, Schnabel was cooking in restaurants and Carl Andre introduced him to Nick Serota at a table, while Schnabel had blood all over his apron. Someone online asked if they still thought New York was a good place for young artists. "Why don't you pick another question," Schnabel said to Kennedy. Everyone laughed but he was serious. The artists struggled with it for a bit before Schnabel wound down: "I mean, would I recommend one of my kids come here to make art? Yeah. I definitely wouldn't send them to London." He did not explain why not. Koons shrugged, "We're still here."