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King Felipe VI avoids his gargantuan likeness at Arco

Ninot (2019) by Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino Gareth Harris

A mammoth sculpture of Spain's reigning monarch, King Felipe VI, is the talking point at the 38th edition of the Arco fair in Madrid (until 3 March). This humongous representation of the handsome royal, on show with Milan's Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, was made by Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino. The piece, priced at €200,000 remains unsold for now. But anyone who buys the work must burn it within a year according to the artists' conditions (the title Ninot, refers to the sculptures set ablaze every spring in Valencia during the Fallas festival). The king visited Arco yesterday but tactfully avoided seeing his mirror image by following a carefully plotted route through the fair (shame as we would have liked to see the aristocrat admiring his massive depiction).