Conservation & Preservation

Officials reveal full extent of damage to US Capitol’s art after pro-Trump rampage

Officials explore harm to busts and paintings in the House from chemical sprays and describe frantic efforts to change airflows as melee unfolded

Arts funding

‘Many museums will be lost’: US association appeals to Congress to support funding for institutions

Invoking the pandemic, advocates seek federal money for agencies that support museum programmes as well as operations grants and charitable tax deductions

Art market

How will US money laundering crackdown actually impact the art market? A lawyer explains

Congress is increasing its regulation of antiquities trade and while its powers are limited for now, change will come so the art industry must prepare

Smithsonian Institution

‘Estamos unidos’: proposal for a new Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino awaits Senate consideration

After passage in the House, planners try to line up support for an institution that would fill in an incomplete US narrative

Coronavirus resources

US Congress renews payroll loan programme for small businesses and non-profits reeling from coronavirus, extending hopes for museums

Money ran out in the first round, although some museums scored loans

Provenance research

Provenance research is too expensive, museums tell Congress

The hearing concerning America's progress in returning Nazi loot to original owners discussed potential problems


The US rejoins Unesco, analysis suggests the organisation being used as an extension of US foreign policy, as part of the ongoing 'war on terror'

Congress is expected to approve a $71.4 million payment to Unesco, the first US contribution in 18 years