Podcast episode five: what's the story behind the $100m Leonardo?

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What will happen when the only painting in private hands by the Renaissance master heads to auction? Plus: the New Museum's big new show on gender, and our literary editor talks 18th-century princesses

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Episode 5 The Art Newspaper

In the podcast

  • The biggest news from the art world this week is the announced auction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi at Christie’s. Our founding editor Anna Somers Cocks and correspondent Martin Bailey discuss the painting's background.
  • Trigger: Gender As a Tool and a Weapon, an exhibition now open at the New Museum in New York, explores gender in an age of, as the museum puts it, "political upheaval and renewed culture wars". Through more than 40 contemporary artists work, it looks at how artists are finding ways to address fluid identities, even as the political debate around gender narrows and regresses. Sarah Hanson, The Art Newspaper’s art market editor, went to the New Museum to see the show, and spoke to its curator Johanna Burton. Whilst she was at the museum, Sarah also spoke to Maria Baibakova. She’s the chair of the Artemis Council of the New Museum, which helped fund the Trigger exhibition and has supported other shows there of women artists.
  • Our literary editor Donald Lee introduces our first book of the month: Enlightened Princesses, a collaboration between the Yale Centre for British Art in the US and Historic Royal Palaces, which focuses on three 18th-century royals.
Appeared in The Art Newspaper, 294 October 2017