Inheritance tax


Will Obama’s ‘middle-class economics’ hit inherited art?

Proposed tax reforms could make the rich feel less well-off—and less likely to spend on art


Heirs of millionaire art collector at loggerheads

The difficulty has arisen because Mr Eastman left the bulk of his estate in a “marital trust” for his wife

Houghton Hall

Acceptance in lieu deal worth £9.3 million agreed for historic house furniture

Houghton Hall’s William Kent furniture to remain in house but to belong to Victoria & Albert Museum

Anthony van Dyck

Tate misses out on a Van Dyck portrait of Lucy Percy

Van Dyke painting withdrawn from sale at Christie's.

Museums & Heritage

The acceptance of items of national heritage in lieu of inheritance tax continues to provide public collections in Britain with new material

A Tanguy for the Tate, important furniture for the V&A