Alfredo Jaar

A brush with... Alfredo Jaar

An in-depth interview with the artist on his cultural experiences and greatest influences, from Marcel Duchamp to Ben Okri

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by David Clack and Aimee Dawson
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Video artreview

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Works by Alfredo Jaar, Dave McKenzie and the collective Moved by the Motion are among the most powerful in the crowded exhibition

The 2022 Whitney Biennial in five key themes

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After a sculpture in her care accidentally burnt to the ground, Jes Fernie decided to explore how the "meaning of an artwork can change" through the Archive of Destruction

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Alfredo Jaar revisits Rwandan genocide 25 years after the atrocity

The Chilean artist’s harrowing project goes on show in the UK for the first time

Art heaven or hell? Museum’s epic £15m tunnel brings to life Dante’s Divine Comedy

Alfredo Jaar's new immersive installation inside a tunnel at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania simulates heaven, hell and purgatory

We are all America: first Faena Festival aims to unify, not divide

There is continuity across the two continents, says curator of Miami Beach event

Alfredo Jaar condemns 'brutal' CIA torture chambers

Artist unveils his “black site” installation in Yorkshire as Guardian article reveals the suffering of prisoners shackled in dungeons in Afghanistan and Thailand

Alfredo Jaar reveals CIA’s torture chambers

The 101 trees in “garden of good and evil” will continue to grow at Yorkshire Sculpture Park long after artist’s solo show

All aboard: from the Biennale to Basel

Artists weigh in on exhibiting at both events in quick succession