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Babestation-backed sex-tape artist unable to travel to his London show from France

Pyotr Pavlensky, who faces prosecution for leaking video of French politician Benjamin Griveaux, could not obtain visa in time for opening of exhibition

Art and activist body a/political to open London space with exhibition by Russian artist facing trial over sex video

Pyotr Pavlensky has been ordered to stand trial in France over leaked sex videos that brought down a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron

London drill rappers collaborate with Russian blood artist to protest censorship by UK government

The "blood installations" are based on lyrics by UK drill musicians including Drillminister, who is running for London Mayor 2020

'It's not about shock value': Russian artist skins, eats and performs sex acts on dead animals in the name of art

New exhibition in Italy shows videos from Petr Davydtchenko's past three years living exclusively off road-kill