Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017

Three to see: Miami

From Chinese workshops to artists' studios, find out what to see beyond the fair

Podcast episode 12: Old Masters after the Leonardo and Art Basel in Miami Beach

We talk Titian, Constable, Veneziano, Wright of Derby, Van Dyck and, yes, Leonardo, with art historian Bendor Grosvenor. And we get Judd Tully’s views on Miami’s annual art fair.

Hosted by Ben Luke and Anna Brady. Produced by Julia Michalska and David Clack

Collector Jorge Pérez accuses Miami-Dade County of slashing museum’s funding as 'punishment' for Cuban art show

Funds promised to Pérez Art Museum Miami were allocated to American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora instead


Collector's Eye: Steven Guttman

The entrepreneur tell us his preferred way to buy art and which work he would save if his house was on fire