Art Deco


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Moscow collector Mkrtich Okroyan opens Art Deco museum

Objects include a mixed media panel suite by Pierre Bobot from the Roseland Ballroom in New York


Collector Claude Dray shot dead in Paris

The body of the billionaire hotelier was discovered at his villa in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Art Deco 1910-39 at the V&A

Promises to be one of the most glamorous exhibitions of the year

Art marketarchive

Art Deco furniture rules the auction houses and a new sales record was set as the style replaces 18th-century furniture

Prices are rocketing, but perhaps not everything is right in this field with many experts questioning the authenticity of some pieces


Collector profiles: Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Scanu of New York and Madame M. of Paris. The modern charm of Art Deco

These collectors agree that the market has risen so much as to make buying almost impossible