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As galleries begin to re-open, dealerships that survived the Spanish Flu reflect on art sales in the age of pandemics

While some cultivated key clients like the Kennedys and Fords, others relied on close communication even under socially distanced circumstances

Outsider artanalysis

Outsider art pulls a very 'in' crowd in New York

The city's Americana week saw works by 20th century self-taught artists edging out traditional folk art and antiques thanks to a growing celebrity-studded client base

Art storage demands flare as California fires rage

Calls for emergency art storage are putting pressure on art shipment and insurance firms

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Elaborate, traditional pieces sold well at the latest auctions

Chinese and Russian buyers with a taste for the ornate have added a new layer of bidding and are forcing prices ever higher

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Decorative arts sales shift to Chicago

New York vies with London for nineteenth- and twentieth-century decorative arts sales, but Chicago is coming on quickly

Art marketarchive

Influx of new collectors of American paintings boosts market

Even third-rate works are now selling for six figures


When form plus function equals art

High-profile shows are breaking down the boundaries between designers and artists

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Private view: must-see gallery shows opening this May

New commercial gallery shows—from a new space in south London to an apartment show in San Gimignano


Picasso biographer John Richardson dies, aged 95

We recently spoke to the art historian about his new book focusing on his extraordinary life, his homes and his eclectic personal collection

New York’s Americana week reveals a generational shift in taste

Sales lag while demand for folk art is on the rise as Millennials move away from a ‘Home Alone’ aesthetic

Dealers mix Modern furniture with Old Masters in New York

Nicholas Hall and François Laffanour have paired up on the Upper East Side

Antiques trade adapts to survive

Dealers downsize or go online as tastes in furniture and collecting change

Interview with Bruce Weber: “We had to work fast—and run”

Photographer Bruce Weber has spent seven years recording the plight of Miami’s Haitian community

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2011 Sharjah Biennial artists announced

New organiser discloses record 119 artists from 36 countries will be exhibited

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Sale of Diego Giacometti floor lamp at TEFAF confirms that design is well and truly in vogue

Dealers cite the design section's new position as the reason for this year's exceptional sales, in proximity to contemporary art dealers


Obituary and tributes: Ernst Beyeler

Art world remembers a great art dealer, collector and museum founder

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Forbes family hold sale of 38 Victorian pictures

Brothers raise cash with a few pictures from their extensive collection


Basel satellite fairs beset by management complications in the midst of US dealers shunning Europe

Exhibitors wary of investing in weak market, while community groups oppose Scope tent on public open space

Gagosian doubling space in Los Angeles

Meanwhile, Steven Kasher moves in on Gagosian territory

May 2009archive

Chicago's industrialist benefactors built the city’s art collections—but can today’s patrons maintain them?

So far the next generation have yet to replicate their parents’ efforts on the same scale

Interview with Chuck Close on how his grandma’s crochet inspired his artistic vision

On the eve of a show at PaceWildenstein in New York, the veteran US artist discusses the importance of the year he spent with his grandmother when he was eleven

Difficult timing for autumn fairs in New York as financial crisis hits home

Allegations of “fake” antiques further undermine confidence

Messe Schweiz, parent company of Art Basel, to run Miami Beach Convention Centre

Critics question their priorities, one city commissioner calling their plan to manage the venue “like the fox in the henhouse”

Art Baselarchive

Roman Abramovich keeps spirits high and dealers rely on old favourites: Art Basel 2008

While the known and bankable sold at a steady rate, Abramovich was the name on everybody's lips

Brad Pitt spends $1m on contemporary work at Design Miami/Basel 2008

Design is in vogue, as buyers show appreciation for the everyday turned decorative

Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 to boast double the exhibition space

Art Basel owners Messe Schweiz are in pole position to take charge of Miami venue

Design Miami plans global expansion

The fair, now backed by Art Basel’s owners, targets China

Dealers double as patrons: Design Miami/Basel 2007

The dealer-artist relationship becomes more prominent as galleries strive for individuality, while Jean Prouvé's dominance is undeniable

New Korean buyers responsible for most ostentatious purchases at Design Miami/Basel 2007

As the market becomes more international, Jean Prouvé and the Danish school enjoy a resurgence

Art fairsarchive

Asia Week, New York: Dealers and auction houses report strong sales

There were new buyers and more collectors from India and China, but the art fairs were quieter events


Tate woos US patrons with cocktails at 10 Downing Street

Guggenheim director says US institutions cannot compete with such incentives

Art Basel/Miami Beach 2006 sees the breakdown of the binary between functional and ornamental

There has has been talk of an unusually high proportion of sales, particularly of design pieces

Antiquesarchive the traditional antique gallery dying?

Dealers race to sell stock at auction as buying tastes change

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Warring New York dealers guilty of tax evasion

Court orders Helen Fioratti and James Sansum to repay huge sums

SOFA fair, Chicago. Who are the craft collectors?

Many who buy paintings and sculpture are now starting to invest in contemporary decorative arts

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Appeal over Peter Brant ownership of Warhol

Ms Lindholm has been attempting to regain Warhol's Red Elvis since 2000

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Western collectors still paying highest prices for top lots of Asian art

While Chinese sustain the middle market for rare but flashy cinnabar, rhinoceros horn and cloisonné


MoMA acquires $25 million Matisse

The plum blossoms painting is one of the artist's last works

UBS art goes on show at MoMA

Founder Donald Marron has been instrumental in the acquisition of classic Modern and contemporary art


Collector Bob Rubin's proves passion for Prouvé in $1 million restoration

The artist’s Maison Tropicale is on show this month at Yale

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America votes for giltwood at the International Art and Antiques Show

Decorative arts dealers reported good sales but paintings were harder to shift

From flea market to Manhattan penthouse: the revival of Christopher Dresser

Gilbert and George and Mickey Wolfson are among the enthusiastic collectors

Winter Antiques Fair: “The Academy Award of dealers’ shows”

Exhibitors reported enthusiastic buying as collectors embraced new areas of the market

Diary of a New York dealer: Carlton Rochell

Contemporary art collectors are coming to Southeast Asian art. Hollywood’s fascination with Buddhism is also a trigger