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Tough times at the 2002 Armory

Collectors were cautious as economic woes continue

A market for baskets: Interview with New York dealer Sebastian Izzard

The difference between Japanese and European taste in the field of Japanese art

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Diary of New York art advisors: Nancy A. McClelland and Lars Rachen on trends in the decorative arts market

Sophisticated collectors are crossing over from 19th- and 20th-century painting

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Americana in high favour at Philadelphia Antiques Show 2002

The event has become the main venue for collectors in this field

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How is cutting costs

The loss-making site is shutting down its UK offices

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Fifth annual artpalmbeach shows Florida as glass capital of the US

Collectors are buying for sun-drenched second homes


Sotheby’s ends auctions in Chicago

Twentieth-century decorative arts market may shift to local firms and Phillips


Antique textiles: A boom from the loom as museum buying and new collectors hike prices

As other items become inaccessible to some collectors, many in the middle market have turned to textiles

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Three new events for New York

Just as social observers are deploring the hectic roster of arts fairs, three new events have been added to the already crowded calendar.

May 2001archive

Interview with economist William N. Goetzmann: 'The financial and the art markets do not crash at the same time'

In 2001, the Yale professor attributed the one- to two-year lag between crashes to the time it takes to liquidate assets

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Asia Week in the galleries

From Shang to the present, Asian art in all its diversity

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Art Deco furniture rules the auction houses and a new sales record was set as the style replaces 18th-century furniture

Prices are rocketing, but perhaps not everything is right in this field with many experts questioning the authenticity of some pieces

Diary of a dealer: veteran Asian art dealer Robert H. Ellsworth states “provenance is worth one-third of the price”

The market is driven by supply and demand and not by collectors’ taste, says veteran dealer in Asian art

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Rembrandt’s Venetian influence: Hanging around New York, a monthly guide by Brook S. Mason.

And bounty of decorative arts including Chinese porcelain and Mendini furniture

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Diary of a US dealer: Douglas Heller. Crafting a market for contemporary glass

As the SOFA fair of contemporary decorative arts comes to New York, we talk to a leading dealer in the field


Collector profiles: Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Scanu of New York and Madame M. of Paris. The modern charm of Art Deco

These collectors agree that the market has risen so much as to make buying almost impossible

Interview with director Glenn Lowry: Commercial company to be launched by the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery

Glenn Lowry, director of MoMA, discusses the new internet alliance that marks the first time museums will use their expertise and reputations for online commercial ventures


Diary of US dealer Ann Freedman: No websales, please; only the personal touch

The president and executive director of Knoedler’s encourages collectors to become museum patrons and supplies major museums with works of art

Hanging around New York: Collector-patrons for Knoedler’s 159-year history

Picasso for the blind at Wildenstein and a bevy of Latin American paintings exhibitions

Diary of a dealer: the American Modernism dealer, Hollis Taggart

Rising prices and increasing prestige for certain artists as collectors awake to Modernism’s sleepers

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The market for antiquities is growing, unfazed by protesters

As last month’s antiquities sales boomed, The Art Newspaper surveyed leading dealers and specialists in New York

What's on in New York: Tackling the digital age

Shows include the first retrospective of images by Hiro at Pace/MacGill and Todd Eberle's computer portraits

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Ritzy auction prices for homespun objects: American Arts and Crafts design receives boost in popularity from Barbra Streisand

“At least thirty collectors are spending $200,000-500,000 a year at auction” on this branch of the decorative arts

What's on in New York: Degas, Dow and Diego

Also on show are pastel landscapes at Artemis and high-tech furniture at Barry Friedman