Asian art

Korean wave: could Seoul become the art capital of Asia?

With Frieze preparing a new Seoul fair, and a growing roster of galleries, the city could steal Hong Kong’s crown

Arturo Luz, one of Asia’s most influential modernists, has died in Manila, aged 94

A key figure in Filipino neo-realism, Luz also co-founded and directed many of the country's leading art spaces

Christie's to offer Xu Beihong painting for £41m—highest estimate put on an Asian work by a Western auction house

It could become the most expensive Asian work sold by a Western auction house. Meanwhile, young contemporary names proved popular at last night's Sotheby's sale in Hong Kong

South Korea confronts legacy of 1980 massacre at this year's Gwangju Biennale

The biennial will highlight the conflicting narratives of the deadly uprising that paved the way for democracy

Lintels at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco to return to Thailand

Museum director says Justice Department’s legal case only served “to cloud the respectful and serious process of deaccession and repatriation”

Moderna vaccine billionaire Timothy Springer explains his love for Chinese scholar rocks

Gongshi—whose unusual forms are created by years of river erosion—have long been highly prized in Asia. Now they are garnering admirers in the West

Smithsonian and Berlin museums join forces to investigate Asian art provenance

The programme includes webinars examining dealers and collectors


Hong Kong dealer Johnson Chang on selling his collection and rethinking art for a new era

The collector and gallerist explains why he moved his central Hong Kong gallery and is parting ways with some of his favourite works at Sotheby's this week

The exceptional piece of calligraphy at the centre of one of 2019's most popular—and most controversial—exhibitions

Tokyo National Museum’s show on Chinese artist Yan Zhenqing ranks 15th in our latest visitor attendance survey despite contentious loan from Taipei museum

Federal charges could lead to deeper scrutiny of Cambodian art in the US

Major museums hold works linked to prolific collector accused of smuggling and fraud

Trump delays tariffs on Chinese goods until December—but not for art and antiquities

New 10% tax will come into force on 1 September and apply to all works originating from China, regardless of where they are imported from

Guggenheim deaccessions work by Zao Wou-Ki as the market for the artist swells

Following a $65m sale of the Chinese modernist’s work in October, Sotheby’s will offer an untitled work this spring to benefit the museum’s acquisition fund

Taipei Dangdai attracts cautious but ‘committed’ local collectors in its first edition

Dealers report a high rate of works on reserve amid some strong sales at the launch of Taiwan’s new contemporary art fair

Painting of courtesan by Kitagawa Utamaro—who influenced the Impressionists—goes on show for first time

Hanging scroll by the shunga master will be displayed in the British Museum’s revamped Japanese galleries

Full extent of burglary at Bath’s Museum of East Asian Art revealed

With the value of Chinese antiquities on the rise, police suspect the items removed were stolen to order

Turkmenistan sends treasures to Berlin in diplomatic move

Bronze Age artefacts from historical region of Margiana go on show at the Neues Museum

Art Basel in Hong Kong welcomes more mainland galleries

Dealers from across Asia are ramping up their presence, and around half of the projects in the Kabinett sector are by Asian artists

Will new global galleries stifle competition in Hong Kong?

Opportunity knocks, but there is a risk that it will deliver a blow to local artists and gallerists

Asia Week auctions reveal breadth of the market

Christie’s and Sotheby’s dominate in terms of value but smaller firms can compete in the field of Asian art, with the internet’s help

Asian Art in London celebrates two decades with Six Dynasties

Exhibition of US TV agent Norman Kurland's collection of ancient Chinese art is a highlight of 20th anniversary event

Seattle set to get first Asian paintings conservation studio in western US

Mellon Foundation grant helps to establish conservation centre at city’s Asian art museum

Record breaking Chinese brush washer points to demand for Song ceramics in Hong Kong

At HK$294.3m, the Ru ware piece set a record for a Chinese ceramic at Sotheby's during Hong Kong's busy autumn auction and fair series


Podcast episode three: how the Getty is shaping southern California’s art scene

The story behind Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles; Ming Wong on the historic queer art show in Taipei. Plus: an exclusive audio work by Zardulu the Mythmaker

Hosted by Ben Luke, Jori Finkel and Lisa Movius. , produced by Julia Michalska and David Clack

Taipei takes attendance top spot with loans from China

Asian art is in the ascendancy globally, while in Europe, Salvador Dalí reigns supreme


Most Chinese paintings in the V&A are fake

Artist-forgers have fooled Chinese collectors for centuries, as museums in the West are now discovering

TEFAF Maastricht reaches beyond its European core

Chairman Ben Janssens has spent the year charming galleries and collectors in other continents

New acquisitions by Tate Modern show commitment to diversifying collection

Art from across the globe has recently found a home in Bankside

Illuminating lacquer maker Onishi Isao, one of Japan's Living National Treasures

“The beauty is in the process and the final object is the sum of the path"

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Asia Week, New York: Dealers and auction houses report strong sales

There were new buyers and more collectors from India and China, but the art fairs were quieter events

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Modern Indian art fetches top prices at Sotheby's

But older decorative arts of the subcontinent fail to excite buyers

Art marketarchive

Western collectors still paying highest prices for top lots of Asian art

While Chinese sustain the middle market for rare but flashy cinnabar, rhinoceros horn and cloisonné

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Embarrassment of riches for Asian art collectors at Asia Week, New York

Exhibitions, lectures and auctions span the centuries and the continents

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Korea's National Museum of Contemporary Art and Ministry of Culture to invest in domestic art

For the first time, public money is being put into the art scene by the Korean government

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These are the Japanese artists in the international league

Two have already broken the $1 million barrier, and auction prices are rising


Spring books: US. Decorative arts to the fore

Photography, Asian art, the art of antiquity, Old Masters, and historiography are also among the topics covered

Diary of a New York dealer: Carlton Rochell

Contemporary art collectors are coming to Southeast Asian art. Hollywood’s fascination with Buddhism is also a trigger

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Disappointing result for the first International Asian art fair due to unfortunate timing

Fine quality at the Asian art fair failed to woo the buyers despite the perfect location

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Asia Week in the galleries

From Shang to the present, Asian art in all its diversity

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Haughtons’ International Asian Art Fair still rules NY's Asia Week

A diverse offering of Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and contemporary art

Diary of a dealer: veteran Asian art dealer Robert H. Ellsworth states “provenance is worth one-third of the price”

The market is driven by supply and demand and not by collectors’ taste, says veteran dealer in Asian art


A new head of Asian art at Phillips: Interview with Colin Sheaf

“London remains a huge centre for collectors all over Europe”

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At Asian Art Week in London dealers, scholars and collectors congregate for major shows and great parties

Fifty-two participants will exhibit everything from Indian statue jewels to Islamic tiles

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Arts of Pacific Asia Show: Mid-price treasures for new and younger collectors

Works from the Southeast Asian countries vie with the more traditional Chinese and Japanese selections

Subcontinental splendour at the Victoria & Albert Museum

An exhibition of Sikh treasures casts new light upon the art of an Indian culture better known for its war-like tendencies

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Greater China resists the economic flu

In market competition between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore, Hong Kong still comes top, with Taiwan second

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A tribute to British savvy in a time of increasing globalisation

London may be the loser in the end, but the Brits brought it on themselves

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New York all set to be the world centre for Asian art

The Art Newspaper reporter saw a trend towards later Chinese art, satisfied dealers active museums buyers—and some worrying fakes

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Who are the biggest collectors of Chinese art in Taiwan?

Top Taiwanese dealer Jeff C.F. Hsu gives an exceptionally detailed analysis with names of leading figures in the market and where to find what kind of art

The unknown art of Indian Jainism at the V&A

About six million Indians follow this faith, but its art and beliefs are very little known to many in the west

Indian Christmas at the V&A

Exhibition of Kalighat painting to tour the UK