US-China trade war

'This is not the end, this is not doomsday': Hong Kong fairs survive escalated violence in city

Law banning face masks sparks more protests and brings Metro and buses to a halt, but Fine Art Asia chief says impact on fair is minimal

US-China trade war expands to books and maps as increased tariffs hit art imports

Trump's tariff of 15% on Chinese art that went into effect 1 September also applies to the antiquarian trade, further frustrating dealers and auction houses

Trump delays tariffs on Chinese goods until December—but not for art and antiquities

New 10% tax will come into force on 1 September and apply to all works originating from China, regardless of where they are imported from

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The Trump administration’s tariffs will not hurt China but they will hurt the US art trade

Art organisations join other US businesses at a series of hearings this week in Washington, DC on the proposed 25% tariff on $300bn worth of Chinese goods