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'It's time to publish the British Museum's list of stolen items'

Art publications such as The Art Newspaper could offer to publish free-to-access illustrated lists of the 1,500 or more artefacts, says art adviser Ivan Macquisten

Is this really the only portrait of William Shakespeare made in his lifetime?

Unveiling of an early 17th-century painting has caused a stir—but what does the evidence say?

Advisory group Gurr Johns launches art lending arm

The art lending market has tripled in size in eight years and is now worth more than $24bn

US bans import of art and antiquities from Afghanistan

Experts in the trade question whether items seized by US customs under the new four-year policy will be returned to the Taliban

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From Taiwanese white goods entrepreneurs to the Nanking shipwreck cargo: Colin Sheaf on the meteoric growth of the Asian auction world

As the Chinese art specialist steps back at Bonhams, he reflects on 50 years in the auction world as it went from provincial to global

European Commission clamps down further on ivory trade

Restrictions upgraded as part of new EU Directive against environmental crime and, although targeted at raw ivory, will “suspend issuing certificates for worked specimens acquired after 1947 except for pre-1975 musical instruments"

Art advisors Gurr Johns buys (another) auction house, 'catering to an under-loved sector of the market for works of art under $100,000'

The firm is buying the London-based books and works on paper specialist Forum Auctions—it previously bought Dreweatts and Bloomsbury for £1.25m in 2017

Artistate launches to help artists safeguard their legacy

Founded by gallerists and lawyers, the venture will provide estate-planning advice—for a fee—to artists and their families

Liverpool should not be punished for its modern vision

The UK city has been stripped of its World Heritage status. Walter Aubrey Thomas, who designed some of its most famous buildings, would have objected, says his great-grandson

Let's bid: David Bowie album artwork for sale, direct from the artist who created it

A 120-lot online auction of Edward Bell's collection of designs, photographs and proofs starts today

What happens when artists die without making a will? Dealer fights to save remains of Fred Yates’s estate

French government sold works by the intestate artist for a pittance; now the UK is set to follow suit

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From sneakers to Pokémon cards: here are five of the hottest collectibles

With baseball cards selling for $5.2m each and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet making $2.9m, people will collect anything if its rare and makes them nostalgic

UK treasure items cleared for sale may soon face problems with export to the EU

New licensing regulations for cultural property may hamper metal detectorists' ability to sell legitimate finds on the European market

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EU proposes tough new laws on antique ivory trade—despite lack of evidence it leads to modern-day poaching

Proposal appears to contradict European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's assertion that any new restrictions must be proportional and "evidence based"

How an antiques trade paper led to a tech firm with £600m potential

Online bidding pioneer Auction Technology Group (ATG) is intending to go public to secure investment. The former editor of the original ATG, Antiques Trade Gazette, charts its rise and rivals

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Should post-Brexit UK get rid of the Artist’s Resale Right?

The controversial levy, introduced by the EU in 2006, is intended to help struggling artists but it ends up pouring more money into the hands of the most successful few

In a swift post-Brexit move, UK rejects EU’s strict import rules on cultural property

The rules, aimed at preventing trafficking, have been opposed by the trade and UK government's decision not to continue may put EU art market at a disadvantage


As a Brexit deal is agreed, confused and resigned UK art world ponders life after leaving the European Union

Art dealers, shippers and auctioneers are unsure about how leaving the single market will impact their business—but there is a silver lining

Is the art trade ready for new EU law calling for tough action on "dirty money"?

Many dealers say new regulations on money laundering will be almost impossible to comply with

Bada sells majority stake in Chelsea fair to Masterpiece founders

The event will be renamed The Open Art Fair and will launch in March next year

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang designer's giant machine sculptures up for auction

Rowland Emett's Cloud Cuckoo Valley automata will be for sale at Bonhams in September and on view in August


After UK's ivory ban, European Commission also considering tighter regulation

Consultation has started with a 62-page report commissioned from wildlife monitoring network

UK art market recovered in 2018, with hike in exports to UAE while trade with Switzerland declines

Global art and antiques imports and exports in and out of the UK increased last year but are yet to reach the levels seen during the 2015 peak

Sketchy Brexit fails to smudge Paris drawings fair

Sales at the Salon du Dessin continued to be brisk regardless of turmoil in UK parliament

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Vexed issue of vetting: force for good or conflict of interests?

Tefaf Maastricht's removal of art trade professionals as voting members of its vetting committee raises the wider question of the role of self-policing by fairs

Hard, soft or no-deal: how the UK art market is preparing for Brexit

Costs, paperwork and shipping delays are among gallery concerns, but experts say there are solutions

UK art imports slump as Brexit looms

Falling pound may account for 21% drop in 2017, but exports to China have risen by 350%

Art businesses ill-prepared for new EU data protection law

Data privacy is getting a long-overdue overhaul with GDPR, but is the art market ready?


Podcast episode 18: What's the future for ivory antiques?

We explore what new ivory regulations will mean for the art world and meet the 2017 Election Artist Cornelia Parker