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London may be the loser in the end, but the Brits brought it on themselves

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New York all set to be the world centre for Asian art

The Art Newspaper reporter saw a trend towards later Chinese art, satisfied dealers active museums buyers—and some worrying fakes

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Who are the biggest collectors of Chinese art in Taiwan?

Top Taiwanese dealer Jeff C.F. Hsu gives an exceptionally detailed analysis with names of leading figures in the market and where to find what kind of art

The unknown art of Indian Jainism at the V&A

About six million Indians follow this faith, but its art and beliefs are very little known to many in the west

Indian Christmas at the V&A

Exhibition of Kalighat painting to tour the UK

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New space sponsored by Samsung corporation

A gallery with a new vision of Chinese art opens at the V&A this month

Daring to say “This is rare and beautiful” in new V&A Chinese gallery