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Artist interview with Ruth Duckworth: America's top artist in clay turns 80

She sees herself as a sculptor and rejects any links with Arts and Crafts descendant, Bernard Leach

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The taste of the spectacularly wealthy Palm Beach

Dealers come to share in the benefits of no income tax whatsoever

New York's Winter Antiques Show offers insight into the collecting trends, prices and the general health of the art market

The show will exhibit colonial and European furniture, girlhood embroidery, Native American pieces, and folk art

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Contradictory entrails; what does the financial health at present mean for the art market?

Sales are buoyant in some areas but real estate is weakening and nerves are showing

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Chirac’s Musée de l’Homme raises prices for primitive art

Fetish figures, tribal shields and masks command attention

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First, target your audience: Marketing the Brooklyn Museum of Art

New director, Arnold Lehman, has raised the profile of America’s second largest museum in just one year by advertising

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Marketing at MoMA: aim at the young professionals

Elizabeth Addison, head of marketing and communications, uses weekly surveys and focus groups to build brand awareness

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Twentieth-century design sales in the US... Tiffany glass continues to climb

Twentieth-century decorative arts sales confirm prize prices for iconic furnishinings

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Craft swings into high gear at SOFA, New York.

Contemporary decorative arts from $68,000 fibre arts to $100,000 glass sculpture

The Windsor sale: Stéphane Boudin and the rise and rise of the decorator

Once upon a time, connoisseur dealers or even museum curators advised collectors what art to buy. Now the decorators hold sway, and at the Windsor sale a decorator’s pastiche pieces outsold real antiques