Winter Antiques Show

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New York's Winter Show gets a facelift at 65

Formerly The Winter Antiques Show, the grande dame of New York fairs has dropped the word "antiques" in the hopes of drawing a younger crowd

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Object Lessons: our pick of New York's Winter Antiques Show

Alaskan seal mask, Japanese Buddhist deity and an 18th century Chinoiserie screen on show at event's 64th edition


New York's Winter Antiques Show returns with a refreshed image

Fair stalwart joins the Instagram generation as it encourages dealers to forge links between past and present for its 64th edition

Winter Antiques Fair: “The Academy Award of dealers’ shows”

Exhibitors reported enthusiastic buying as collectors embraced new areas of the market

New York's Winter Antiques Show offers insight into the collecting trends, prices and the general health of the art market

The show will exhibit colonial and European furniture, girlhood embroidery, Native American pieces, and folk art