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‘I don’t touch contemporary art—it’s a gamble’: 102-year-old appraiser Alex Rosenberg on how deducing value is both a science and an art

Rosenberg, who has been an expert witness in court cases including the Knoedler trial, retrained as an appraiser when he retired as an art dealer in 1985

Hollywood executive Ron Meyer files $10m lawsuit over alleged forged Rothko

The NBCUniversal vice chairman and co-founder of Creative Artists Agency claims two art dealers duped him into buying the fake painting for nearly $1m in 2001

Modern art historian, US museum director and clergyman EA Carmean, Jr has died, age 74

He was the National Gallery of Art’s founding curator of 20th-century art and led the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Memphis Brooks Museum of Art


The last lawsuit in the Knoedler fakes scandal is close to being settled

The Hilti Trust and the defunct gallery’s owners are in the process of reaching an agreement—but they could still end up in court

Knoedler owner Michael Hammer may be liable for fraud over fakes, New York judge finds

The ruling was based on the loose business dealings of Hammer, the gallery and its parent company—like reimbursing him $2m for luxury cars


Ann Freedman, former Knoedler director, settles final lawsuit

Ten cases were brought to court by collectors who purchased fakes through the gallery


Lawsuit against art historian over fake Rothko settled out of court

The case against Oliver Wick was brought by the casino billionaire Frank Fertitta

It's time the art market got tough on fakes

Players in the trade acknowledge the problem, but disagreement over how to address it has resulted in a gridlock that helps to keep forgeries in circulation

No further jail time for Glafira Rosales for her role in $80m Knoedler forgery scandal

The Long Island dealer says she was abused and coerced into committing fraud by partner who fled to Spain


What we learned from the Knoedler fakes scandal

Collectors still in the dark even when experts have doubts as reports rarely published

Former director of scandal-beset Knoedler Gallery breaks her silence

In an exclusive interview, Ann Freedman explains her version of events in the ongoing forgery case that engulfed the gallery


Letter to the Editor: from Sharon Flescher, IFAR

Re: Former director of scandal-beset Knoedler Gallery breaks her silence, The Art Newspaper, April 2016

Scholarly debate will be stifled after Knoedler

Abstract Expressionism experts forced to watch what they write and say


Parties settle in Knoedler case as court hears fakes helped keep business afloat

Testimonies reveal how much the New York gallery depended on sales, and huge mark-ups, of works from Glafira Rosales

Settlement reached with both parties in Knoedler case

Agreement came before owner and former director could testify, but the trial gripped the New York art world

De Soles reach settlement with Ann Freedman—but Knoedler case could still go on

Mid-trial deal comes just a day before the former gallery director was scheduled to take the stand

Knoedler asked forensic conservator to revise ‘negative’ report

James Martin of Orion Analytical says the gallery asked him to remove key findings, like a pigment that was not in use at the time of painting

‘Red flags were flying’ around Knoedler fakes, experts testify

Seven of 11 specialists named by the gallery say they never authenticated work that turned out to be a forgery

Rothko specialist and son testify they never authenticated fake painting in Knoedler trial

David Anfam and Christopher Rothko were among 11 experts the gallery listed as having viewed the painting

Tearful collector gives testimony at Knoedler trial

Eleanore De Sole said she went into a “shaking frenzy” when she read that another work sold by Knoedler was suspected to be fake

Top US collector takes the stand in Knoedler trial

Domenico De Sole bought a fake Rothko from the gallery in 2004

Who is really to blame in the Knoedler fakes case?

Lawyers for the collectors and the gallery go head-to-head as one of New York’s biggest art world scandals goes to trial

Knoedler fakes trial could be a game-changer for the art market

It should provide guidance on who is responsible when forgeries are sold

Lawyers battle to tip balance of evidence before Knoedler trial

Both sides seek to exclude key witnesses and evidence from the forgery case which is set to begin on 25 January

Secret fire sale held of 250 works confiscated from dealer in Knoedler gallery scandal

Glafira Rosales’s name was not mentioned in connection with the auctions, which included pieces by Sean Scully, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, Louise Lawler, Andy Warhol and Ad Reinhardt

Knoedler Gallery settles lawsuit over fake Willem de Kooning

Collector John Howard bought the forgery from now defunct gallery for $4m


Former Knoedler boss Freedman will ‘tell her story’ in court

Judge dismisses attempts to throw out lawsuits and orders trial over fake Abstract Expressionists


Knoedler fakes case will go to trial, judge orders

The gallery’s former director Ann Freedman will “tell her story”, her lawyer says


Knoedler gallery and former director quietly settle three claims over fake paintings

Six cases remain open in Abstract Expressionist fakes scandal that has entangled many in the art industry

Spanish brothers implicated in sale of fakes to Knoedler & Co to be extradited

Spain have consented to sending José Carlos and Jesús Ángel Bergantiños back to the US where they can be charged


Fakes still on the market as Knoedler victims sue

New lawsuits filed after we publish list of those who bought forgeries—some of which have not been traced


Names of buyers deceived by Knoedler Gallery fakes disclosed

The document details museums, art dealers and private collectors who have brought charges against the gallery and its disgraced director


Christie’s sold fake Knoedler Rothko ‘worth’ $4m

Christie's finds itself caught up in the ongoing forgery scandal

More victims of Abstract Expressionist fakes scandal revealed

In court documents, Knoedler lists the buyers and prices paid for works brought to the gallery by Glafira Rosales

New allegations in Knoedler fakes case examine gallerys finances

The gallery would have been operating at a major loss without the sale of works brought by Rosales, collectors say in amended complaints

Chinese artist (and AbEx copier) Pei-Shen Qian has some CV—but is it a fake too?

None of the museums listed as owning his work could find it in their collections

New York court rejects Knoedler and Freedman’s motion to dismiss fakes cases

Decision finds collectors have enough factual allegations to support their fraud claims


Who sued whom: A comprehensive timeline of the Knoedler lawsuits

How a forgery scandal brought about the downfall of New York's most prestigious gallery

AbEx fakes scandal silences the experts, situation “already as bad as it can get” amid lawsuits

In a time of increased importance on authentication, specialists are holding back in the hope of avoiding the worst.

Dealer pleads guilty to selling Abstract Expressionist fakes

Rosales admits to passing on phony works by Rothko, Pollock and Motherwell for more than $33m

Knoedler gallery fakes case heats up

US Attorney’s office asks for a stay in the civil lawsuits until December to protect their criminal case, while Ann Freedman sues another dealer for defamation

Art dealer is believed to be co-operating with federal authorities in fakes case

Criminal indictment filed this week includes details that could only be known by someone involved in the alleged fraud


Knoedler saga shows no sign of abating after last month's settlement as multiple suits remain unresolved

Several of the New York gallery's representatives have been indicted for engineering the sale of Abstract Expressionist forgeries


Victims of forgery are ‘left in limbo’ by legal proceedings

Recent high-profile trials mean collectors are wondering where to turn if they think they have fakes

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Was the Knoedler gallery warned about fakes?

The family of the artist Richard Diebenkorn says it alerted the gallery to fakes before they were sold


Knoedler forgery scandal grows

The gallery is being sued over an alleged fake Pollock, sold for $17m in 2007

Business as usual at Knoedler's renowned Upper East side branch after $500,000 restorations

The modernisation of this landmark is an example of Knoedler's adaptability, as one of the US's longest established commercial galleries

New Yorkarchive

What's On in '03: New York's commercial galleries

Nancy Shaver's painted sculpture at Feature Inc. and James Castle's "Structures" at Knoedler & Co.

Avery, Gottlieb and Rothko together again at Knoedler & Company

Exploring the interchange between these iconic artists

Knoedler and Seattle Art Museum settle over Matisse lawsuit

In 1954 Knoedler sold picture stolen from Paul Rosenberg by Nazis


Diary of US dealer Ann Freedman: No websales, please; only the personal touch

The president and executive director of Knoedler’s encourages collectors to become museum patrons and supplies major museums with works of art

Jeff Koonsarchive

What's on in New York: Koons comes out of hiding and Struth returns from Paradise

Gagosian christens his Chelsea space with Serra sculptures, plus cutting-edge holiday gift ideas