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US appeals court rules that Warhol’s reliance on a photographer’s portrait image did not constitute ‘fair use’

Decision appears to signal that appropriation artists may have to proceed more cautiously


The last lawsuit in the Knoedler fakes scandal is close to being settled

The Hilti Trust and the defunct gallery’s owners are in the process of reaching an agreement—but they could still end up in court

Knoedler owner Michael Hammer may be liable for fraud over fakes, New York judge finds

The ruling was based on the loose business dealings of Hammer, the gallery and its parent company—like reimbursing him $2m for luxury cars

Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection can keep a painting that the Nazis stole, US judge rules

The judge says the work should have raised suspicions, but that he must apply Spanish law


Art vs porn: Iowa prisoners mount legal challenge to nude image ban

A new statute means inmates cannot access art, literature and even medical journals that contain nudity


The Hague’s art arbitration court to open in April

But it remains an open question whether the trade will accept the new court’s decisions


Richard Prince defends reuse of others’ photographs

In court motions, he argues that his appropriation explores the virtual world of social media


Publishing company American Image Art strikes back in Robert Indiana case

Defendants in the much-publicised lawsuit allege the Morgan Art Foundation “duped” the US artist into giving up certain rights to his art


New tribunal aims to provide expertise and impartiality for art disputes

The forthcoming Court of Arbitration for Art could cut costs and time, add anonymity


Legal battle over Modigliani painting rumbles on

A New York State judge’s decision keeps a claim on Seated Man with a Cane alive

Tough new scrutiny by district attorney rattles New York antiquities trade

Will New York district attorney’s new unit clean up the antiquities market—or shut it down?

New York judge awards 5Pointz street artists $6.75m for whitewashed works

The developer’s destruction of their legally protected art was “an act of pure pique and revenge”, the court found

Should street art be protected? New York’s 5Pointz lawsuit tests the US Visual Artists Rights Act

After a jury decided in favour of the street artists who sued over the destruction of their work, a Brooklyn federal judge is now considering the closely watched case


Appeals court allows heir to renew claim against Nahmad family over Modigliani painting

The convoluted case involves suspected Nazi loot, the Panama Papers leak and a shadowy shell company

High-profile new lawsuits test the limits of fair use

Pending lawsuits surrounding Andy Warhol and Richard Prince could bring clarity to cases involving appropriation


Ann Freedman, former Knoedler director, settles final lawsuit

Ten cases were brought to court by collectors who purchased fakes through the gallery


Motion to dismiss denied in copyright suit against Richard Prince and Gagosian

Case will be closely watched for its interpretation of fair use for images posted via Instagram

Nazi-looted Pissarro case can go ahead, says US appeals court

New law provides basis for Cassirer family to pursue 16-year legal battle over painting

Germany can now be sued for the return of Guelph Treasure, US court decides

Judge’s decision in Washington, DC—and new law—clear way for further claims on alleged Nazi loot from heirs of Holocaust victims


Lawsuit against art historian over fake Rothko settled out of court

The case against Oliver Wick was brought by the casino billionaire Frank Fertitta


Germany can be sued for the return of Guelph Treasure, US court decides

A Washington, DC judge’s decision, and the new Hear Act, clear the path for further claims on alleged Nazi loot from the heirs of Holocaust victims


Art adviser ordered to pay $1m she made in private sale of Basquiat painting

The ruling in New York’s Supreme Court could serve as a warning to dealers and advisers

It's time the art market got tough on fakes

Players in the trade acknowledge the problem, but disagreement over how to address it has resulted in a gridlock that helps to keep forgeries in circulation

No further jail time for Glafira Rosales for her role in $80m Knoedler forgery scandal

The Long Island dealer says she was abused and coerced into committing fraud by partner who fled to Spain

Deal or no deal? Phoenix Ancient Art sues Getty over billion-dollar Greek and Roman sculpture collection

The Swiss dealership says the museum cut it out of an arrangement to show the art, but the museum says they never had a deal


Court decides former Dedalus Foundation board member was not fired for being a woman

Joan Banach’s claims that she was wrongfully terminated have been dismissed


Lawsuit over Cady Noland’s Log Cabin dismissed

But the question remains if the work can still be considered authentic, after the artist allegedly disavowed it

Richard Prince is sued yet again for unauthorised appropriation of photographs

Eric McNatt files lawsuit over artist’s reproduction of a portrait of rock musician Kim Gordon


London’s Mayor Gallery files lawsuit against Agnes Martin catalogue raisonné

Authentication committee rejected 13 works owned by gallery clients, effectively rendering them “worthless”, according to court papers


Former Knoedler director settles lawsuit with casino billionaire over fake Rothko

This is the eighth of ten legal cases brought by collectors who bought forged paintings through the now defunct gallery


What we learned from the Knoedler fakes scandal

Collectors still in the dark even when experts have doubts as reports rarely published

Third copyright lawsuit filed against Richard Prince for appropriating Sid Vicious photo

The artist is accused of using a London photographer’s image of the Sex Pistol’s bassist in an Instagram work


Legal battle between graffiti artist and fashion label back on

Settlement collapses as discussions between Joseph Tierney, Moschino and creative director Jeremy Scott break down

Christie’s storage facility still faces $23m worth of lawsuits for Superstorm Sandy damage

Nearly four years after New York was left half-submerged in water, legal rows over who should pay for damage to works of art rumble on

Former director of scandal-beset Knoedler Gallery breaks her silence

In an exclusive interview, Ann Freedman explains her version of events in the ongoing forgery case that engulfed the gallery


Parties settle in Knoedler case as court hears fakes helped keep business afloat

Testimonies reveal how much the New York gallery depended on sales, and huge mark-ups, of works from Glafira Rosales


Richard Prince and Gagosian move to dismiss photographer's copyright lawsuit

Citing an earlier case they won, the artist and his dealer argue Rastafarian Instagram screenprints are transformative


Why would the De Soles settle their claim against Knoedler and Freedman?

Although the evidence seemed largely in their favour, fraud cases are notoriously risky to prove

Settlement reached with both parties in Knoedler case

Agreement came before owner and former director could testify, but the trial gripped the New York art world

De Soles reach settlement with Ann Freedman—but Knoedler case could still go on

Mid-trial deal comes just a day before the former gallery director was scheduled to take the stand

Knoedler asked forensic conservator to revise ‘negative’ report

James Martin of Orion Analytical says the gallery asked him to remove key findings, like a pigment that was not in use at the time of painting

‘Red flags were flying’ around Knoedler fakes, experts testify

Seven of 11 specialists named by the gallery say they never authenticated work that turned out to be a forgery

Rothko specialist and son testify they never authenticated fake painting in Knoedler trial

David Anfam and Christopher Rothko were among 11 experts the gallery listed as having viewed the painting

Tearful collector gives testimony at Knoedler trial

Eleanore De Sole said she went into a “shaking frenzy” when she read that another work sold by Knoedler was suspected to be fake


Christie’s Brooklyn storage does not have to pay $11.5m for art damaged in Superstorm Sandy, court decides

The ruling covers two lawsuits brought by insurance companies looking to recoup costs paid or owed to their clients

Top US collector takes the stand in Knoedler trial

Domenico De Sole bought a fake Rothko from the gallery in 2004

Who is really to blame in the Knoedler fakes case?

Lawyers for the collectors and the gallery go head-to-head as one of New York’s biggest art world scandals goes to trial

Knoedler fakes trial could be a game-changer for the art market

It should provide guidance on who is responsible when forgeries are sold


LA photographer takes on Richard Prince in new lawsuit

Donald Graham might have a stronger case than previous attempts against the appropriation artist

Lawyers battle to tip balance of evidence before Knoedler trial

Both sides seek to exclude key witnesses and evidence from the forgery case which is set to begin on 25 January

Knoedler Gallery settles lawsuit over fake Willem de Kooning

Collector John Howard bought the forgery from now defunct gallery for $4m


Former Knoedler boss Freedman will ‘tell her story’ in court

Judge dismisses attempts to throw out lawsuits and orders trial over fake Abstract Expressionists


Knoedler fakes case will go to trial, judge orders

The gallery’s former director Ann Freedman will “tell her story”, her lawyer says

Three angry buyers quietly settle forgery cases with Knoedler

Six lawsuits over fake Abstract Expressionist works are ongoing while suspects in Spain face extradition


Knoedler gallery and former director quietly settle three claims over fake paintings

Six cases remain open in Abstract Expressionist fakes scandal that has entangled many in the art industry


Brooklyn street artist sues over Katy Perry’s graffitied Met gala gown

Joseph Tierney says the Italian designer Moschino has used his work without permission in a line of clothing famously worn by the pop singer


Did Cady Noland disavow another work?

An Ohio collector says the artist did, after he purchased her restored Log Cabin from a gallery for $1.4m, but a representative for the dealer says she just wanted the work to be revalued

US show sidesteps Russian embargo

Neue Galerie exhibition features loans from private collectors


Chaos in the courts as insurers fight to recover Superstorm Sandy losses

Three lawsuits allege that a storage facility company, a subsidiary of Christie’s, failed to take proper precautions, despite urgent warnings