Laura Gilbert


Chaos in the courts as insurers fight to recover Superstorm Sandy losses

Three lawsuits allege that a storage facility company, a subsidiary of Christie’s, failed to take proper precautions, despite urgent warnings


Australia's ill-advised purchase of Indian artefact

The National Gallery of Australia bought the Shiva statue despite uncertainty over its provenance

Israel steps up hunt for Nazi-looted art

Museums under pressure to research collections for Holocaust victims’ assets


Fakes still on the market as Knoedler victims sue

New lawsuits filed after we publish list of those who bought forgeries—some of which have not been traced


Names of buyers deceived by Knoedler Gallery fakes disclosed

The document details museums, art dealers and private collectors who have brought charges against the gallery and its disgraced director


Christie’s sold fake Knoedler Rothko ‘worth’ $4m

Christie's finds itself caught up in the ongoing forgery scandal

More victims of Abstract Expressionist fakes scandal revealed

In court documents, Knoedler lists the buyers and prices paid for works brought to the gallery by Glafira Rosales

New allegations in Knoedler fakes case examine gallerys finances

The gallery would have been operating at a major loss without the sale of works brought by Rosales, collectors say in amended complaints

New York court rejects Knoedler and Freedman’s motion to dismiss fakes cases

Decision finds collectors have enough factual allegations to support their fraud claims

Dealer pleads guilty to selling Abstract Expressionist fakes

Rosales admits to passing on phony works by Rothko, Pollock and Motherwell for more than $33m

Knoedler gallery fakes case heats up

US Attorney’s office asks for a stay in the civil lawsuits until December to protect their criminal case, while Ann Freedman sues another dealer for defamation

Art dealer is believed to be co-operating with federal authorities in fakes case

Criminal indictment filed this week includes details that could only be known by someone involved in the alleged fraud


Collector Steven Brooks says Sotheby’s sold him Nazi art

Uncertainty over whether the work—once owned by Goering—was looted has apparently left it unsaleable