Aggressive seizures by police at Brafa leave dealers feeling ‘assaulted’

Authorities brazenly took 34 artefacts during public opening hours at the Brussels fair

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Dealers mix it up at more international Brafa fair

Galleries are displaying different styles and cultures at the Belgian antiques fair this year

Brafa to auction section of the Berlin Wall for charity

Five graffitied segments were bought by the non-profit Brussels art fair last year and will be exhibited at the event next year

Brafa fills a gap in the art fair market (yes, apparently there is one)

New exhibitors at Brussels event are targeting a strong European collector base seeking works priced under €1m

Brafa projects a quiet confidence

Fair known for its eclectic mix keeps both dealers and collectors coming back

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Brafa beefs up its contemporary art offering

Long-established Brussels fair bolsters more patchy modern works on show to complement strength in haute époque, ethnographic and ancient art