Cold war

Monumental Cold War-era Karl Marx mosaic restored in east Germany

Josep Renau's vast memorial in Halle-Neustadt is one of the most important surviving public works of art produced in communist East Germany


Culture cold war thaws between UK and Russia

Pressure eased over extradition of former KGB agent as Yuri Gagarin statue is unveiled in London

The Cold War may be over, but it is still being fought in terms of its artists

With LACMA's “Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures” opening soon, the artistic heritage of Germany is again under the microscope


When the Cold War was hot: 'The battle for Realism: figurative art in Britain during the Cold War, 1945-60'

The socio-political aspects of the debates about figurative art that raged after World War II are explored in James Hyman's new book